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HRP Resources: Employee Reference Check Form for Non-Management Applicants

Posted on 3/11/2015 by Becky Page

As a valued member of Human Resources Plus, you have 24/7 access to the HR resources available here at our website! Each month we will be profiling a new resource here on our blog.

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HRP ALERT: Colorado Wage Protection Act of 2014 Now in Effect

Posted on 3/11/2015 by Becky Page

All employers operating in the state of Colorado must be familiar with the Wage Protection Act of 2014. This act, signed into law on May 29th, 2014, amends and greatly expands Colorado's existing Wage Payment Act, which covers paydays, deductions from pay and payments of wages on separation from employment for almost all private employees in the state, with no exemption for a minimum number of employees.

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Happy Holidays From Human Resources Plus!

Posted on 12/24/2014 by Becky Page

Happy Holidays!

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2015 CADA Provisions

Posted on 11/13/2014 by Becky Page

On May 6, 2013, Governor Hickenlooper signed House Bill 13-1136. This expansion to the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act (CADA) has been in effect since that date, and most of the bills provisions went into effect as of August 7th, 2013, but small business owners in particular should be aware of a significant provision of the bill that goes into effect on January 1st, 2015.

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Average Salary Budget Increases in 2014

Posted on 9/23/2014 by Becky Page

When it comes to salary budget increases, the Mile High City is decidedly average. According to WorldatWork's 2014-2015 Salary Budget Survey, Denver is on track to meet the national average across the country. According to an infographic provided by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the average salary budget increase in Denver is projected to be 3.0 percent for 2014, while the national average is projected by WorldatWork and other studies cited by SHRM, specifically a study by the Hay Group and the Conference Board, to be the same.

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Generational Challenges in the Workplace

Posted on 8/28/2014 by Becky Page

If you perceive tensions developing in your workplace between younger managers and older workers, you're not alone. According to a special report by the Journal of Intergenerational Relationships recently profiled by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), a generational gap in workplaces across the country is leading to increased friction and conflicts between multiple generations of American managers and workers over communication and leadership styles.

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HRP Alert: FLSA Enforcement

Posted on 7/31/2014 by Becky Page

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) recently noted that the Department of Labor has targeted employers within the oil and gas industry, most notably companies located in the Southwest and Louisiana, for alleged violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). SHRM recently profiled six companies in the oil and gas industry that have agreed to pay minimum, regular, and overtime back wages to both blue- and white-collar workers. A Department of Labor spokesman informed SHRM that 2014 is the second year of an FLSA strategic enforcement initiative targeting the oil and gas industry, and the initiative is active with cases ongoing.

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HRP Alert: Employee Health Reimbursements

Posted on 6/17/2014 by Becky Page

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has just released a new Question and Answer statement entitled Employer Health Care Arrangements. In this statement, the IRS has reiterated a declaration made in IRS Notice 2013-54 (PDF): If an employer does not establish a health insurance plan, they cannot reimburse employees for premiums they pay for health insurance through a qualified health plan acquired either in or out of the Marketplace. According to the IRS, "such arrangements are described as employer payment plans. An employer payment plan...generally does not include an arrangement under which an employee may have an after-tax amount applied toward health coverage or take that amount in cash compensation."

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HR Plus Recruitment Services

Posted on 5/13/2014 by Becky Page

Did you know that Human Resources Plus can help you recruit outstanding candidates for your open positions? For years we have assisted our clients with recruiting, mostly through referrals, and we have achieved a number of successful long term placements.

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Electronic Cigarettes

Posted on 4/29/2014 by Becky Page

E-cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes, are skyrocketing in popularity among many tobacco users. These battery-powered devices enable users to inhale a nicotine-infused vapor, and they do not require the use of fire or produce smoke, ash or carbon monoxide. Although the health effects of e-cigarettes are not as well-established as traditional cigarettes, many tobacco users believe that e-cigarettes are not as physically offensive or disruptive as regular cigarettes. However, employers are free to ban or restrict the use of e-cigarettes at work and on company property in the same manner as regular tobacco products.

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