We are proud to announce that Pinnacol Assurance has awarded Human Resources Plus, Inc. (HRP) the 2013 Circle of Safety Award. HRP and 59 other Pinnacol Assurance policyholders from across the state of Colorado were honored by Pinnacol for “…exemplary performance in safety, loss control, and financial and claims management. HRP is delighted to have received this award for the fourth year in a row and we consider it an honor to be ranked among 60 of Pinnacol Assurance’s safest and most responsible business customers in the state of Colorado.

“Everyone in these organizations has made a commitment to workplace safety, from leadership to front-line employees,” said Pinnacol Assurance Safety Director Jim McMillen. “By implementing a safety program and actively encouraging safe behaviors, they help ensure the success of their business and employees in a safe environment.” According to Pinnacol Assurance’s own press release, “The Circle of Safety Award recognizes that exceptional risk management is the result of a circle of many people working together. From top management and frontline employees to Pinnacol representatives and the policyholders’ agents, everyone has a hand in making Colorado workplaces safer.”