During the week of April 26 – May 5 we celebrated Small Business Week.  With over 36% of Colorado businesses employing less than 100 employees and of that, 20% with under 20 employees, small business are the cornerstone of Colorado’s economy,

As a small business owner, it is vital and important to me to save time and money on repetitive tasks so I can focus on growing and operating my business. In the 14 years that I have been in business I have seen many changes in business processes especially in technology and online services. To be competitive and to engage the younger generations of employees that are all about technology, I have had to implement more technology into our business which has resulted in profits due to streamlined processes.

I passionately believe that small to medium sized business should have access to the same quality HR resources and guidance that large corporations do, but at an affordable cost. I receive a lot of feedback from our clients and prospective clients that they felt the time they were spending on recruiting tasks and the new hire process was burdensome and they worry about how a miss-step could create a financial risk.

We have seen how having an online applicant tracking system and on-boarding tool has become vital for companies to continue to compete with larger companies. Employers are looking to streamline processes while employees are turned off by companies that have not embraced technology. First impressions matter, in a 2014 survey conducted by BambooHR, 16% of new hires left between the first week and the third month of starting their new job. Of those respondents, 15% of them reported a lack of an effective on-boarding process, contributing to their decision to quit.  At HRP we are seeing this trend with some of our clients and decided it was time to enhance our Premier Membership so that our members have access to an affordable solution that will save them time, money and offer a great first impression to their new hires.

My team and I researched and tested many different systems that are available on the market. We looked for a solution that would be easy to implement, simple to use and had the critical options needed to help keep a company compliant. We were excited to find one here in Colorado.

Through this new partnership, we will be offering our customers a membership option that includes applicant tracking and on-boarding, Premier Plus.  This membership will offer unlimited phone guidance for all your HR questions, 24/7 online resources that can help you keep your company compliant, an online system that will hold and track all your applicants and once you hire the perfect candidate, an on-boarding system that will allow you to do all their paperwork electronically. No more paper, get rid of the file cabinet. The system is simple, easy to use, affordable and most of all will save you time and money.

Can you imagine?

  • Securing your employees files (no more hard copy of personnel files)
  • Employees sign all hiring documents electronically
  • Allow employees to change their information such as address and W-2 online
  • No more resumes filling up your already full email inbox
  • Ask applicant pre-screen questions when they fill out their application
  • Post jobs to multiple job boards and social networks from one screen
  • Limit potential errors on the I-9 form
  • Move employee data to your payroll system from the on-boarding system

While recruiting and on-boarding new employees is bigger than just the paperwork, it’s the foundation of a successful program. In 2013, Aberdeen Group reported that 66 percent of companies with on-boarding programs claimed a higher rate of successful assimilation of new hires into company culture, 62 percent had higher time-to-productivity ratios, and 54 percent reported higher employee engagement. There is no business too small that does not benefit from technology that saves you time and money.

I look forward to helping you make your HR Easy.