Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, Zip Recruiter. The ads are on TV and radio, in our browsers and email. The fastest and best way to recruit? They all say they have the solution for your company but do they? Are you confused, not sure where to invest, what to use, where to start? Well, you’re not alone.Placing the ad is only one step to one of the most important aspects of filling a position. Have you ever thought about how much time, money, disappointment, and excitement comes with finding that perfect candidate for the job you needed filled… yesterday?

Job Description, ad copy, job posting, collecting resumes, sifting through the resumes to find a person that meets the qualifications, scheduling interviews… and more interviews, team meetings, sifting through more resumes, more discussions, reference checks, offer letter, fingers crossed… hired?! or back to the job description, ad copy, resumes, sifting… and it continues until finally… you find them… or did you?

Is your system working?

Do you feel confident that your process will produce the best-qualified candidates and when they apply, the candidate experience is flawless, seamless and efficient? The Society of Human Resources Management recommends doing a candidate audit to see what your applicants’ experience is like.

Is a Candidate Audit necessary? Technology has changed the way we conduct business, recruiting practices are no different. This graduation season, high school graduates born in 1999 are being promoted into the “real world”. They don’t know life without a computer, smartphone or instant response. They will expect their potential employers to have online applications and collaboration that speeds up the process that gets them in front of you faster.

What is your process?

Spending time strategizing where the best place to post the job is important, however, if it takes too long to get in touch with the applicant or your process is too cumbersome, the right candidate will continue to look for the employer that is responsive and efficient and you could risk losing your “perfect” fit.

Gone are the days of the job seeker walking into your place of business and filling out a paper application. Face to face meetings are now done via video and some are even applying with videos. Technology moves fast, how we recruit is changing just as fast.

As I sit here writing this, an Indeed commercial comes on the TV, a candidate sees the pop up on their phone, “12 new jobs posted within your search criteria”. Target audience sees, “3 million employers use Indeed”. Where will your next candidate come from? Are you prepared to respond to their application as quickly as it took them to hit the send button?

Stay in touch, follow HRP and watch for ways to keep your company competitive with employer-friendly technology.