How important is new employee onboarding? To many businesses and organizations, the onboarding process consists of little more than filling out paperwork, shadowing another employee for a few hours and setting up a new email account. With a record-low unemployment rate in Colorado and the increasing costs of employee retention, turnover and recruitment, a comprehensive onboarding program can save you money and result in happier and more satisfied long-term employees.

A well-rounded and effective onboarding program shouldn’t just be about completing paperwork, setting up IT services and providing bare-bones training; instead, the primary focus of your onboarding efforts should be to integrate new hires into your organization and the company’s culture, with a secondary focus on providing a complete array of training, tools and resources to become an effective member of your team. Finally, managers should adopt the attitude that onboarding and training efforts are a long-term process and disregard the conventional wisdom that a “one-day orientation” is sufficient.

How is your current onboarding program measuring up to the one suggested? It’s all too simple to get stuck in a groove and repeat the same onboarding tasks each time a new team member is hired. It takes time and resources to improve on a process, even when a company knows it’s the right move.

Are you ready to switch up your mindset and approach this process as an on-going investment in the future of your company? If so, take a moment to check out our Efficient Hire program. Remove the burden of all the additional challenges you will face by upgrading your onboarding process. Efficient Hire is easy on your employees and integrates the elements of bringing on a new hire into a single platform.

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