Applicant Tracking

Are You Still Using a Manual Hiring Process?

It’s Time For An Upgrade!



From your website to the job boards and even employee referrals, the right hiring system will ensure that your jobs are in front of the best applicants.


Create your ideal application and rank applicants according to your prescreen questions.


Interviews, assessments and even reference checks will all be automated.


Supercharge your hiring process, sort applicants by skills, share notes with hiring managers, design an efficient workflow and increase your ROI.

Buying software can be overwhelming

You want more than a slick piece of software, you want it to integrate into the unique processes at your company, and be extremely easy to use. Rolling out software successfully is as much about the service & consulting provided as it is about the system and its features. Use the checklist below as a guide to help you ask the right questions when comparing your options.

Personalized Support & Hands-on Training

You will need help & advice to get a system to work with your unique hiring process. Is free support & training provided with the system?

Free Trial, Setup Fees, & Launch Timing

A lot can be learned by how software is sold. Does the provider believe enough in their system to give a free trial, to set it up for free, and not require a contract?

Sourcing & Job Board Integrations

Applicant flow is vital to a successful hiring process. Does the platform post to free and paid job boards without using a 3rd party that charges a fee?

Employee Referral Portal & Tracking

Employee referrals can be one of the most valuable sources of qualified applicants. Does the system have an employee portal to drive referrals?

Mobile Optimized Career Site & Apply Process

Over 89% of job seekers use their mobile phone to search for jobs. Does the platform provide a career site and application process that works on mobile?

Job Seeker Support

Does the company provide technical support to the applicants as they apply?

2-Stage Application

Qualified applicants dislike filling out long initial applications. Can the platform allow for a short application initially and a full application at point of interview?

Application Completion Optimization

Getting job seekers to your career site doesn’t guarantee that they will apply. Does the company help you maximize the number of people completing applications?

Manager Collaboration & Tracking

Hiring is a team effort. Does the system have access controls, notes, ratings, sharing, and other tools to enable collaboration throughout the process?

Unlimited Logins

It isn’t just HR managers who use hiring software. Are additional logins for your hiring managers included at no additional cost?

End-to-End Hiring Solution

Applicant tracking is only part of the hiring process. Can the platform manage the other parts of your hiring process (background checks, assessments, onboarding)?

Efficient Apply is Awesome!

“Efficient Apply is such a time saver and makes the application and hiring process so simple. I appreciate that it is completely cusomizable to our needs, and I can manage the entire application and background check process in one easy platform. Posting jobs takes only a few minutes, and all communications with applicants is stored in one place. I estimate that the process takes less than 25% of the time it used to with our previous process.” L.H./Medical Industry

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