Compensation Planning


Regardless of a person’s field, they want to confidently believe that their compensation is competitive with those that perform similar work. Paying too low a salary could mean that your top people leave and low performers fill their spots. In order to ensure that you offer competitive wages, HRP offers its members a Compensation Philosophy & Planning Toolkit to guide in the design and development of a program that works for your company.

Are you looking for guidance or assistance with obtaining or conducting wage surveys? Are you having a hard time recruiting top talent and not sure if your salaries are competitive? Our professionals will work with you to conduct a compensation analysis that can assist you when preparing a compensation plan.



When many of us think of benefits, we often think of health, dental, vision, and retirement. What your employees may not realize, and what you may sometimes forget, is that these core benefits are just the tip of what you offer in the form of benefits. Workers compensation coverage, unemployment insurance, Social Security taxes, Paid Time Off (PTO), and even workplace wellness programs are all additional and valuable benefits. Small business owners often tell us that they don’t have the time to ensure their benefit policies are competitive and compliant, and they are overwhelmed by the paperwork required to implement these plans. Human Resources Plus is not an insurance brokerage, but we are partners with brokers that provide excellent resources. We also have toolkits available that can help you understand the ins and outs of benefit administration.

Managing time and attendance, payroll, and federal and state laws can be overwhelming. Check out our Resources for partners that can help you stay compliant.