Onboarding System

No matter what type of industry you are in or how many employees you have, we can help streamline your hiring process. From a single location to multiple locations, single hiring manager to multiple hiring managers we provide a straight forward solution that will improve the employee’s experience as well as your hiring staff’s.

Are These Your Challenges?

Ensuring all the right forms are completed and signed?
Reading illegible employee responses on their forms?
Tracking employee’s progress through the process?
Getting completed new hire forms to your payroll department in a timely manner.
Ensuring company policies are received and acknowledged by the employee?
Retrieving a signed hiring packet when needed?

How do we help our customers surmount these challenges?

We build an on-line questionnaire that captures all the elements YOU want to capture.

Upload your policies and custom forms and incorporate into the eSigning process.
Use the attachments feature to upload relevant documents such as copies of voided checks, resumes, proof of insurance, etc.
Allows authorized users to access the forms from anywhere at anytime.
Captures the employee’s typed or selected responses and places them on your custom forms in the appropriate places.
Provides configurable work flow options based on your business needs and an easy to use dashboard where you can quickly determine the next actions needed.
Automatically creates a data export that captures the new hire information in a format that can be imported into your payroll system.

Easy On Your Employees!

We don’t ask the employee to enter their data more than once. Their on-line question and answer process is logic based so they don’t answer irrelevant questions. They only need to submit their authorization once and we will place their e-signature on all of their forms.

All This and More…

Add features to integrate the whole hiring process into a single platform. Access and monitor it all from our easy to use, real time dashboards. Safe, secure and infinitely friendly. Automate your hiring process and allow yourself the time to focus on the really important aspects of your business.

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