HR Audits

A comprehensive HR Audit helps businesses to identify areas of risk and develop best HR practices

When it comes to employment law, Federal and State laws and regulations can change frequently. To minimize your civil liability and exposure to regulatory penalties, it is important to make sure your company is compliant and operating within the laws that affect your company. By investing time and resources into an HR Audit, businesses can proactively avoid legal issues.

HR Audits also identify opportunities to improve HR policies, practices, and procedures. By implementing changes suggested by the audit, businesses can gain competitive advantage within their industry. They will operate more efficiently and attract the best talent.

The HR Audit Process

The first step in an HR Audit is to develop an understanding of your organization’s unique objectives, culture, processes, and challenges. Information is gathered via interviews, site visits, and a thorough review of current documents and processes. Human Resources Plus will analyze this data to identify areas of strength, as well as needs and opportunities for improvement. Clients will receive a complete HR Audit report with recommendations. We invite you to contact us with questions or comments about the findings and recommendations presented.

Ready to take the first step in completing an HR Audit?

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HR Audits include an in-depth analysis of the following areas:

Job Descriptions

You will have the foundation to effectively recruit and select the best candidates, conduct accurate performance evaluations, address performance challenges, determine salary, and offer effective career planning.

Employee Selection Process

Our audit will ensure that you are hiring the best employees to effectively meet your company’s objectives.

New Hire Paperwork

Be confident knowing you are compliant with federal and state laws and retaining the required personnel information properly.

Employee Handbook

Protect your business by effectively communicating guidelines and practices to employees. Having the right handbook in place can help keep your business out of court, improve operational efficiency, motivate employee performance, and establish a clear line of communication.

Separation Process

Ensure that you are documenting all employee disciplinary actions to aid in defending disciplinary terminations if legally challenged.

Unemployment Administration

Get answers and learn the requirements of your state’s unemployment administration.

What types of issues might be uncovered with an HR audit?

  • Inconsistent hiring practices that create discrimination exposure.
  • Application inquiries and Employee Handbook policies that violate state laws.
  • Inadequate document retention and storage practices.
  • Misclassification of exempt and nonexempt jobs that could result in large financial fines.
  • Separation and performance management processes that are not legally defensible.

Our findings are always supported with actionable recommendations so that your organization can correct and improve areas of concern.

HR Audit Prices

1-19 Employees 20-49 Employees 50+ Employees
$2500 $3500 $5500