Performance Management

Performance Management is a goal-oriented system that defines organizational processes that maximize the productivity of employees, teams, and ultimately the organization. There are many different methods, practices, and theories surrounding Performance Management and its effectiveness. Our professionals work with organization leaders and guide them in the development of solutions that work best based on the company’s culture and goals.

Effective Performance Management requires ongoing communication between management and staff. The appraisal process should be seen as a tool to encourage and obtain feedback from employees and their managers on work performance. At HRP, we offer our customers an innovative approach to administering Employee Performance Appraisals which supports the employee and manager working together to identify areas for improvement and set goals for training and skill development.


Performance Management Tools

Do you want to be the best or just meet your next benchmark? How about improving over the last quarter? Most company owners have a financial goal, and how they achieve that goal starts with motivating the people that work for them. Our  Performance Review and Coaching Toolkits guide our members through the creation and administration of an effective Performance Management Program.

Some organizations are ready to ditch the paper and automate the process, at HRP we offer Appraisal Smart, a sophisticated web-based, performance management system that will not only automate the administration of performance reviews but also supports increasing productivity and modifying behaviors while driving change and development of core competencies. Geared for performance-based compensation it can also provide a company with bottom line results.

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The staff at HRP has seamlessly integrated themselves into our team. Our employees feel comfortable contacting them with challenges or questions. They have a tremendous ability to build rapport and lasting relationships with our employees. They take the time to get to know our company and team and are sincere. They are a refreshing group to work with.


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