Strategic HR Management


When business owners prepare to open their doors, they define what the organization is going to achieve and develop the actions necessary to fulfill the vision. Strategies are developed and the mission of the organization is determined by the company’s purpose, goals and values. Financial strategies seem to be the primary element to fulfilling the vision, however, overlooking the biggest part of the balance sheet, the employees, could be a mistake most can’t afford to make.


Strategic HR Management is defined as, “Integrating human resource management strategies and systems to achieve the overall mission, strategies, and success of the firm while meeting the needs of employees and other stakeholders.” (Source: Herman Schwind, Hari Das and Terry Wagar, Human Resource Management: A Strategic Approach.)

Meeting the demands of an organization begins with outlining strategic goals and defining operational plans to ensure you have the right people with the right skills at the right time. At HRP we have the tools and resources to help you outline these goals and the experience to help you successfully implement the plan.

Teresa helped us with developing our job descriptions and making sure the positions had the right FLSA classification. She made sure that we understood how to use the information she provided us.



Strategic Planning Resources

Our team of professionals have developed a library of toolkits to help employers outline and implement policies and procedures effectively and legally. An HRP membership provides 24/7 access to these toolkits and are available to our visitors for a nominal fee. Check out the toolkits below for more information.

HR M&A Valuation and Assessment

HRP has over 25 years’ experience assisting organizations in the delicate workforce transitions related to mergers and acquisitions. The success of your merger or acquisition is directly linked to preserving institutional experience and human capital before, during and after the transition. We provide an all-encompassing assessment of your organization, with a strong emphasis on the employee experience and a plan of action that works to align your HR-specific needs with your overall transition plan.

HR Fundamentals

Our HR Fundamentals Toolkit  will guide you through the process of implementing, evaluating and measuring key HR initiatives. These include hiring the right people through effective recruiting practices, recognizing high performance and addressing poor performance, retaining talent through retention programs and being compliant with laws and regulations that apply to your organization. All of our toolkits are available with an HRP Membership and the HR Fundamentals can be purchased by our guests.

Interviewing Skills

The Interviewing Skills toolkit will provide you with an effective process that will help reduce turnover and support the goal of hiring the right person. Properly implemented recruiting practices can also help ensure that your system is non-discriminatory and can improve the quality of hires. The Interviewing Skills Toolkit can be purchased by our guests on our products page.

Retention Program

The Developing a Retention Program Toolkit provides our members with the fundamentals of implementing an effective retention plan that can reduce turnover and assist you with retaining top performers. Up-to-date retention strategies and cutting edge benefits are imperative in keeping your programs effective.

Addressing Poor Performance

The Addressing Poor Performance Toolkit includes forms, samples and guidelines for addressing and handling poor performance with an effective, professional approach. We also offer our Premier and Premier Plus members phone access to our highly trained staff if they have questions through the process.