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Interview Form TemplateExempt v Non-ExemptHR Assessment
Job Description TemplateI-9 AuditInterview Question Database
Sexual and Unlawful Harassment
Developing a Job DescriptionJob Description Database
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HR Basics

HR Basics Manual


This manual is designed to provide your business with basic HR guidelines and fundamentals.

Customizable Employee Handbook


Our customizable sample employee handbook serves only as a guide for developing and revising an employee handbook.

Interview Form Template


Use this template to create an interview form with standardized interview questions.

Job Description Template


Use this template to create a job description by inserting your own responsibilities and requirements.

HRP Toolkits

HR Fundamentals


Making time to focus on, implement, evaluate, and measure HR fundamentals is critical to any successful business. Implementing them and evaluating them on a regular basis is critical to success. This toolkit will guide you through the basics of HR Fundamentals.

Interviewing Skills


An effective interview process is perhaps the single most important employment practice in an organization. Not only does a strong hiring practice help ensure you are hiring the right people, if done properly it can ensure that your hiring practices are not discriminatory.

Exempt vs Non-Exempt


The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sets rules for minimum pay, hours worked and child labor standards. This toolkit will provide you with guidelines on how to conduct the three tests to help you determine if your employees are exempt from overtime pay or not.

I-9 Audit


Employers must demonstrate compliance with the law by following the verification (I-9 Form) requirements and treating all new hires the same. This toolkit provides industry-standard best practices that your company or organization should adopt in the event of an I-9 audit.


Laws By State

Stay informed on the current employment laws and regulations.

Laws by Number of Employees

Stay informed on the current laws and regulations that are applied to companies of different sizes.

HR Assessment

Answer a few critical questions and uncover hidden risks and concerns in your business.